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Crypto Sites

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The top of the faucets, that's the best, the number one.
1000+ Faucets to Profit from. Offers, Games, and more. Microwallet for Faucet Admins
Win free Litecoin/ltc every hour! Every day that you leave your Litecoin in your account, you will earn interest.
Faucet reward:1 to 6 satoshi every 15 minutes. Earn PTC 2 satoshi per click.
Claim special coins every 30 minutes, 33coin = 7satoshis approximately, depending on the price of bitcoin.
Claim free Litecoins every hour!
Claim free Dogecoins every hour!
Here, the balance is random, depends on the price of bitcoin. Ex: if you have 100 satoshis and the bitcoin rises by 50% you will have 50 satoshis, the reverse, is the admin who does the accounts !!!!!!!.

All these sites posted here pay me.

The scams and are thrown in the trash.

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